Killer Mystery is a THRILLING Murder Mystery tabletop game! Read the story cards, work the clues, solve the murder. And remember...everyone’s a suspect.

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  • 5

    This was such a fun idea for something different to do with your friends or family! The games a comes with a guide that tells you the order in which things should happen. Everyone had a great time and was blown away with the stories!

    Corinne D.

  • 5

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy a good crime/mystery novel - the bigger the better I mean, it’s disappointing for me to read a mystery with less than 400 pages. But then I got started with the Killer Mystery series/game, and I feel that now, I am not reading of other character’s dilemmas and search for clues; NOW I myself am in the story! It’s as if I have stepped out of the audience and stepped upon the stage amid the other actors! You must experience this for yourself!

    Gary R.

  • 5

    Killer Mystery boxes are fun and they definitely keep you guessing! I found myself wrapped up in scene, excited to see what was going to unfold next!! I would definitely recommend these to any true crime fans who want to put their own detective skills to the test.

    Trinity S.

  • 5

    If you love a challenge, this game is it. Get your friends and family together for a game night. You won’t be disappointed. Kept us guessing and the different type of clues were fun to do. I actually felt like I was part of the story. Cannot wait to get the next season. It was a fun filled night for our family. Would highly recommend!

    Linda L.

  • 5

    It was fun and very engaging, once I started I did not want to stop until I knew how it ended.

    Jerry U.

  • 5

    Killer Mystery will revolutionize game night! Had friends over for food, fun and mystery madness! We were at the edge of our seats! The writing keeps you engaged. What started out as game night turned into a fun murder mystery that we will soon do again. Next game night will be a holiday theme murder mystery. 10/10 Recommend!

    Denise D.